About Us

We are a sustainable Coffee company. Sustainability is in the core of our business and this is what we sell to you. High quality sustainable specialty coffee.

This is our understanding of sustainability in the coffee industry:

  1. Sustainability starts in the field. People and environment needs to be treated with respect.
    1. We are proud of being partnered with Fazenda Santa Jucy, a farm fully focused in sustainability. Both workers and environment are treated with fairness and respect. All water used, even in the toilets, is cleaned and returned to the nature.
    2. 20% of the whole farm area is dedicated exclusively to preserve the local fauna and flora.
    3. Fazenda Santa Jucy is Fair Trade Certified and UTZ Certified.
    4. No pesticides are used in our crops which guarantee that your coffee will be free of chemicals that might be harmful to your health.
  2. Minimize the impact on the environment
    1. Our whole packing comes from renewable sources like corn and sugar cane fiber and is 100% compostable. Labels, coffee bag and valve, they are all 100% compostable and can be completely composted in a few weeks inside a composter.
  3. Take steps forward to guarantee that the next generation will succeed.
    1. We assure that the workers families have access to good education.